2012 World Roasters Cup judges

2012世界烘豆大賽-台灣邀請賽The Best Espresso國際評審介紹

Michael Yung Head Judge

2012世界杯烘豆大賽-台灣邀請賽  The Best Espresso  暨The Best Choice Espresso國際評審介紹:

The Best Espresso 評審主審,他同時也是WCE國際評審暨評審委員會主席Michael Yung/ Head Judge(主審)Michael Yung,咖啡資歷:Mike Yung first started working in the coffee industry in 2006 as a barista at Caffè Artigiano, one of Vancouver's premiere retail coffee shops.  In 2007, Michael competed in his first barista competition, and won the title of 2007 Canadian National Barista Champion.  At the 2008 World Barista Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark, Michael finished in fifth place among national champions from fifty-one countries.  

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